Four Reasons to Visit the Writing Center this Summer


Did you know the Writing Center has summer hours? There are ways you can take advantage of this valuable resource over the summer (if you’re close by) even if you aren’t taking a summer course. Here are some ideas:

1. Polish your resume. Many students are looking forward to (or vaguely thinking about) apply for an internship in the Fall or Spring. Now is a great time to get your resume good-to-go. Bring your resume to the Writing Center, and we’ll help you knock that off of your to-do list for the academic year.

2. Every resume needs a cover letter. Bring your cover letter to the Writing Center and talk with a consultant about some strategies for making your job or internship application stand out.

3. Are you a rising senior writing your honor’s thesis? I won’t mention names, but I know some seniors have already started drafting their theses. Some of them might even be working in the Writing Center this summer. Come on in and chat about your draft, frustrations, and/or how to get started early.

4. Think you “might” apply to graduate school? Law school? Med school? Again, for you rising seniors who are “planning” or “thinking” about going to graduate school, now is the time to start preparing your applications. I know you still have a year left and you (of course) want to focus on having a great senior year, but it is imperative to begin looking at graduate school requirements now. Some may be due as early as December. A typical requirement is a personal statement or statement of purpose (different things). The Writing Center can help you craft a statement that reflects your strengths.

Convinced you have some summer writing to do? Our summer hours are 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday – Thursday and by request. You are welcome to stop-in (we’re in the main ARC, Library A26) to see if someone is available, but it is best to schedule your appointment via

See you soon,

Cassie Book
Writing Center Director, ARC


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