New Series: My So-Called Honors Thesis

Attention Bellarmine Honors Students:

To those of you not yet working on your thesis–sooner than you think, you, too, will get to experience this wild enjoyment known as writing a massive research paper.

Fellow seniors, we are now entering the final stage of our college careers, and we all know what that means: it’s actually time to write our theses. We’ve taken the one credit research class, we’ve picked our topics and advisers, we’ve written our proposals, and now we’re all faced with the incredibly overwhelming question: “Now what?”

As an Honors senior, I’m overwhelmed. I’m an English major and a BU writing consultant, so I know a thing or two about how to write a good paper, but I’ve never tackled anything of this scale before. However, after doing some reading and talking to a couple of professors (people who actually know what they’re doing) about how to begin this long process, I might have a few answers. Stay tuned!


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