Nobody’s Perfect

One morning this semester I arrived at the Writing Center and swiftly swiped my card to clock in for my appointment. But that day I was the writer, not the consultant. My consultant, Anna, greeted me as we walked towards the private room.

I was a little nervous about sharing my uncompleted work, but as soon as I started reading that feeling dissipated. As reading I noticed Anna nodding her heading while taking in all the details which I found quiet interesting. Once I was done reading we discussed the paper as a whole. Even though I only had one page out of eight written, we were still able to have a discussion. Anna questioned, “How are you going to make this paper eight pages long?” The room filled up with silence and I realized that I was the writer so I must break the silence. I answered uncertainly, “Well, I thought able putting in some case studies to help strengthen my argument along with detailed analyses.

Anna also pointed out that I had the issue of using passive voice instead of active voice, which I explained to her in chemistry we have to write third person passive. Anna gave me some strategies and examples for recognizing and rephrasing my sentences.

With all that being said, this was the first time I went to the Writing  Center since I became a consultant. From that experience I have learned different techniques that will help me be a better listener and consultant for others. I will try to implement these techniques to every writer I help.

Nobody’s perfect; we all make mistakes. A well-written paper is not created in one sitting, even us consultants have to go back and fix our papers a time or two.ASDF


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