Consultant or Writer? How About Both.

The following was written in response to the author’s assignment to make an appointment in the Writing Center and reflect on it. The author is one of four students in English 251: Writing Center Theory and Practice.

The other day I attended a session at the Writing Center which honestly felt pretty weird considering the fact that I’ve been learning how to be a consultant and not how to be a writer. I think that was what was good about going to this session, though. It helped me realize that I may be a writing consultant, but I am also a writer and student. With each of my sessions, I will not only be helping a peer but will also be learning more myself.

I think it is very important to remember that as a consultant, I will not only be giving advice, but I will also receive new knowledge and experience from the session. I also think that it is a good idea to take my own writing to the Writing Center because it helps me put myself in the shoes of the writers I will meet. It is necessary for good consultants to not forget that they and the writers are not different and that they can each learn from each other.

This is what I think I learned from going to the writing center while training to become a consultant. I also learn tutoring strategies from the consultant. She was so encouraging, and we had comfortable conversation. I loved how relaxed it was and that I could just talk out my ideas, which is really what I needed to do. This is how I would like my future sessions to be: relaxed and comfortable while still being helpful.



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