My Name is Kathleen and I’m a Procrastinator.

Don’t panic; come to the Writing Center!

It’s 4:15 and I have nothing. Nothing written down for a paper that I’m supposed to get feedback on in the Writing Center in 30 minutes. Like the professional procrastinator I am, I jot down some notes on the assignment sheet. By the time I leave, there are some measly bullet points for a research paper about a pioneer in the nursing career.

Upon arriving at the Writing Center, I meet my consultant, Eric Hoffman. I inform him of my lack of formal writing immediately as a warning, but he just laughs and says that he has done the same thing. I instantly begin to feel relief in the idea that I’m not all alone in my procrastinating ways. As we begin to sift through different sources for my pioneer in nursing (Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail – yes there were numerous chuckles over her unique name!), I feel a lot better about the impending paper itself. Eric gives me ideas on how to construct a thesis as well as writing down various sources I can use to get more information about my Native American Nurse. The session flows nicely and I forget that just an hour ago, I was in a state of “procrastinator panic” (side effects include  sweaty palms, the desire to throw in the towel, and the incisive need for napping as a solution).

This trip to the writing consultant as a writer made me realize the type of consultant I want to be. Understanding, honest, caring, and funny are the traits I’d like to incorporate, having been inspired by a certain consultant who represents all these and much more.

I now openly proclaim my troubles with procrastination but no longer do I see it as a disability. I see it as a way to connect to writers who do the same thing. And together we can work on a cure for our need to wait until the absolute possible last-minute. Together, we can write and write well.


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