No one likes asking for help, but no one likes working on a troublesome paper either.

We all have those papers due in the morning after a long and miserable day, and we are lucky to get started before midnight. By the time 3 a.m. rolls around we conclude the paper and hope to goodness it is readable. The worst part about this scenario is that we rarely want to ever revisit that paper.

Even as a writing consultant, I do not enjoy trying to manage my own procrastination all-nighter essay the next day. Yet, I made an appointment in the Writing Center that next day, and it was the most helpful thing I have done for my writing all semester.

My session at the Writing Center gave me a chance to meet with someone about my paper and give me more confidence. The consultant helped me to work on flow and clarity, not to mention some large grammatical mistakes. There is a lot that you can miss or mess up when writing a paper while at the top of your game, not to mention doing it in the wee hours of the morning. Working with a consultant helps make facing the paper a little more bearable; it helps catch the problems without causing you to be miserable again.

I even learned how to be a better consultant myself from flipping roles from consultant to  writer/student. I learned about being an ally to a writer and making the burden of a paper a little easier.

No one likes asking for help, but no one typically likes working on a troublesome paper either. The Writing Center consultants are here to make that paper a little less ominous, and we are ready to be a friend, guide, and coach for you. I may be working as a consultant, but I also feel greatly helped by the advice and support that I received as a writer and student. No matter how late the paper was written, how seemingly boring the assignment, or how experienced the writer, the Writing Center will be there to help in every way that we can.


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