Breaking News: Paper Deadlines are Quickly Approaching!

IMG_2433I am reporting from the B-Level of the Library and I have noticed a high influx of students using the computers around me. It is that time of year, where papers are about due and the semester is about to end. With that being said, there has been some congestion in the Writing Center, especially during walk in hours.

I am going to give you some tips on how to efficiently and effectively manage your commute to the Writing Center.

Schedule your appointments in advance!

This is the key for securing your spot in the Writing Center especially during walk in hours. Walk in hours are a first come, first serve basis, so always check for appointment times. We also post daily availability on facebook and twitter.

Come Prepared

Being prepared doesn’t mean you have to have a complete draft or even a draft at all, but instead you should have materials that will help you in the Writing Center. The most important item to bring is the prompt. The prompt will aid both you and the consultant in understanding the assignment. The consultant will use the prompt in the session to make sure that your paper fulfills everything necessary.

Interact With the Consultant

The first time in the Writing Center might seems scary, but don’t worry. The consultants are your peers, meaning they are undergraduate students in various majors. As a consultant, I find sessions most beneficial to the writers if they do most of the talking; I do not want them to feel like they don’t have control of their paper. The consultant might throw out a general idea, hoping you would put your own spin on it. Also, the main thing to keep in mind is this is your paper. This means if you don’t like the consultant’s suggestions, you don’t have to use them. We give you these suggestions to aid you in your writing process.

Now that you have these tips, hopefully you will be more prepared to get the most out of your visit. Make your appointment ahead of time before it’s too late!


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