10 Reasons Why YOU Should Apply to Become a Writing Consultant


Not sure if you want to apply to become a writing consultant? Well, here are 10 reasons that may help convince you:

  1. It’s great opportunity to improve your own writing by learning from others’.
  2. You get to meet new people and start interesting conversations.
  3. You get paid.
  4. It will look fabulous on your resume or graduate school applications.
  5. All the consultants are really fun and excited to welcome a new person to the crew!
  6. We have nifty name-tags.
  7. You can better your own education by helping people with theirs.
  8. It is a relaxed environment where you meet with your peers.
  9. It is an awesome feeling when you have had a good, productive appointment.
  10. You can start to develop a rapport with the students that continue to visit over the course of the semester

If these reasons appeal to you, and you think you would make a good consultant, apply now! Applications are due by November 24th!!!


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