The Right Time to Write

Have you ever sat down to begin your paper and felt like it just wasn’t quite the right time to begin/continue/finish writing it? If you haven’t, I applaud your ability to just sit down and write. You just might be a writing superhuman. If you have, I’m right there with you.

How many times in our own lives have we put off doing things because it just wasn’t the right time? We don’t chase our dreams because it’s not the right time, we say we’ll do it when we have more money/no kids to take care of/the courage to explore. This is similar to writing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there will never be a right time for anything. But does this mean we should hold off on doing the things we need to do? Absolutely not.  You can’t wait around for it to be the right time, you just got to do it. So maybe it’s a Tuesday night and you have a history paper due on Thursday. A billion things probably sound better than sitting down and writing that paper (Netflix, Twitter, looking up cute dogs to adopt). There’s no guarantee that Wednesday will be the right time to write this paper either.

So I urge you to go to your favorite place to write whether that be your dorm room, the local library, your kitchen table, or in a lawn chair on top of your favorite hill. Gather some snacks (be careful with the Cheetos though, they tend to cause mysterious, dusty orange fingertips) and some water. And with your laptop or pencil and paper in tow, go make it the time to write.

Kathleen Finan