When I was on a plane, heading to the Bahamas, I got a random idea about comparing writing a paper and flying planes.

Starting a paper is just like trying to take off in a plane. Sometimes the takeoff is quick and smooth, while other times you are sitting and waiting. Sometimes it is hard to begin writing a paper, because narrowing your focus can take a bit of brain storming.

Once you complete the introduction, you are in the longest portion of the paper, which are the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs can be compared to the flight when cruising altitude has been reached. This comparison can be made because most of the flight is very calm, but there may be some unexpected writing blocks. Airplanes experience the same idea when the plane goes through turbulence. The turbulence the plane experience can be compared with the loss of focus in the body paragraphs, which causes for issues with the flow and coherence of the paper.

Ending a paper is just like landing a plane, because you have to get it just right. Have you ever been on a plane and the pilot lands too soon? The right is bumpy and you are trying to hold on tight. Well, if you end your paper too soon or have a poor conclusion, your reader can experience the same bumpy effects when reading. When writing your conclusion, you want to gently bring the reader to a nice gradually stop by restating your main points along with making those points connect back together.

So the next time you are writing a paper, keep an eye out for any off topic or loss of focus points in your paper. Remember you want your paper to be like a plane ride, smooth with easy transitions.


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