Five Write Ways to Start Your Semester

While it is seemingly impossible to remember all the information thrown at you at the beginning of the semester, it is always better to be over-informed as opposed to under-informed. Taking control of your education and taking steps to improving yourself as an overall writer does not need to begin with an assignment requiring you to stop by the Writing Center. Here we have a few tips on what you should know prior to and throughout the semester about the Writing Center.

  1. Know our hours and bookmark the WC website
    All hours this semester will be “walk-in available.” This means while appointments are still strongly recommended, we can more easily accommodate busy/unsure schedules. Walk-in hours do work on a first-come first-served basis, however. Check out our hours and make your appointment on our website!
  2. Become familiar with our staff
    Making appointments with our different consultants can be insightful. We will help guide your writing throughout the various subjects you’re taking this semester.
  3. Be aware of our resources
    Our website has links to handouts created by our Writing Center staff. These resources can help guide you at any point during the writing process!
  4. Get social
    Follow our Twitter account (@knightswriting) and Like us on Facebook for real time walk-in availability, special events, and more.
  5. Don’t wait
    The Writing Center aims to not only help on current assignments but to help you get ahead and become an overall better writer. Remember, we can help at any point during the writing process: brainstorming, outlining, research, organization, or anything else that you feel stuck on. Come see us at the beginning of the semester!

Keeping those things in mind, we hope you make this your best semester yet by starting off strong and getting ahead of your course-load!


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